A Basic Guide to Understanding Combi Ovens



A Combi Oven, like a swiss army knife, truly is a versatile and sophisticated tool to have. As the name implies, a Combi Oven is the combination of a Convection Oven and a Steamer. The result, other than saving kitchen space, is 3 modes of cooking in one oven.

Convection Mode: Forced dry heat pushed by fans that evenly distributes heat around and into the food being cooked. This also means that, since the dry heat is being “forced”, a faster cook time is naturally achieved.

Steam Mode: Injects water into your oven to create a pressureles steam that works well with foods like vegetables, potatoes and fish.

Combi Mode: Is a combination of both Convection and Steam. The gist is combining convection dry heat and pressureless steam to maintain ideal humidity levels so you get the most control of the moisture levels in your food.

Saving space and granting you with multiple cooking capabilities, the combi oven is well worth the initial investment. Its functionalities allow you to cook food to an exact temperature, humidity, and time through easy-to-use configurations. Ultimately this gives you the freedom to create the ideal cooking environment to ensure the best yields for your food.


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